Top 7 Tips To Enhance Your Productivity Efforts



Productivity is nothing more than a state or quality of being productive. It is usually measured as in terms of rate of output per unit of input. Even though we can synonymize productivity as efficiency, capacity or anything, it, in fact, is an important matrix not only in terms of business but in terms of almost everything. The principle is simple. Despite how different our jobs may be-whether you are an Engineer or a Marketing person-the common fact is- we want to be better at what we do.

Well, there are several factors we need to consider when it comes to achieving success. From the knowledge to leadership there comes a ton of factors and habits. May be you are a pro at some of these factors but lack several others. Either way, here I provide 7 productivity tips to ladder your efforts.

It’s All Starts With Habits

Here I offer some practical steps to incorporate into your daily routine to optimize your time and to maintain your productivity all day long.

The first preference must be given to your body, I would say. I never meant that you have to do a heavy workout but one should at least practice a 10 minutes exercise routine.  So why I suggested  a 10 Minutes routine instead of a 30 Minutes one? Because a 10 Minutes workout is perfect that it won’t interrupt your other routine stuffs.

Another major factor is a healthy breakfast. Even there is a saying “Eat your breakfast like a king”. Since the breakfast is the most important meal of the day, make sure you had some healthy food.

The next is to pick at least three things that you would like to accomplish in the next 12 hours. Remember, everyday may not be an epic win but strategizing this way will allow you to move the game forward.

This part of the story may seem unusual but I think it is worth a shot. Take a fifteen minutes break right after the lunch, a kind of professional meditation. Analyse the things you have done. Think about the to-dos, analyse the status of it. Plan and focus on the remaining things for the rest of the day.

All these things may or may not boost your productivity, but it’s worth giving a try.

Quit Planning, Start Doing

It is OK to take some time to plan things but if you get back to your planning table more often, it will definitely steal your valuable productivity time. So instead of taking so much time for planning, just do it. There are certain methods to accelerate your planning efforts. Productivity planner is one among the best possible choices for anyone who wants to save some time on planning. The Productivity Planner helps you prioritize and accomplish the vital few tasks that make your day satisfying. Besides, you can always try some productivity tools at your work.

Be Better At Managing Your Time

Time obviously is the sound part of the Productivity. There are several ways to manage and optimize your valuable time today. If you are a very smart person, you can even manage it manually and efficiently. But most of the time it is practically impossible. This is because of our crazy working hours as well as the tasks we are assigned to. Productivity experts suggest leaving this task and time management part to platforms like Restyaboard or Trello.

So now, we will discuss some general time management insights for a usual week. Basically we talk in terms of energy since energy is what we feed on.

To get the best out of it, follow these schedules,

  • Monday – It is always better to schedule low demanding tasks like setting goals, organizing, and planning. This is all because the energy ramps out of the weekend.
  • Tuesday & Wednesday – During these days you can experience the peak of energy. So it is advisable to tackle the most difficult tasks at this time.
  • Thursday – Energy began receding. It suggested to schedule meetings as you experience the  energy retreat.
  • Friday –  Low energy level. Because the energy is comparatively low, it is better to schedule open ended work, long term planning and so.

Moreover, you can always depend on any productivity tools to enhance your efficiency at work.

Get Away From The Distractions


This may be the biggest challenge you will be facing. If you feel unsure about how to actually do it, I can totally relate. Distractions are found to be the biggest stumbling blocks to productivity. Even though we have certain reputed tools like Restyaboard  for task management, unfortunately we never have any known productivity tools to take away the distractions. But there certainly are some practices which probably can contribute to the cause.

The first step step towards the solution is the realization that distractions happens with everyone. And when you need to get down to business, you must act as if you and the task at hand are the only things in the world for the next 30 minutes, hour, or however much time you’re dedicating to it.  But to implement this successfully, you need to protect your environment from all that pesky notifications.

This strategy will not resolve every distractions. After all this just a strategy, no amount of magic here. But the point is, you can always take control over the situations.

How Good Are You At Collaboration And Influence?

The most productive teams from several organizations have proved that collaborating with each other is crucial for productivity. An article on Red booth talks about the fact that employees of all levels at Google agree that an open-door policy gives everyone the opportunity to have their ideas heard. It would be easy to dismiss or ignore this idea but this is something even you can try implementing. If you are a person with a tendency to throw a headphone on to block everyone out or keep your face down during meetings, take a break from those habits. Open yourself to hearing, listening. Well, you may say that this will not boost your productivity at work directly but this surely is a proven way to grow big.

Review As Well As Measure your Productivity Efforts

This step literally generate the productivity tips for your upcoming week. Analyzing ‘which is working and which is not’ will help you understand and focus on the right productivity factors. Just before closing the week’s work evaluate the achievements as well as the troubles you have faced. Cross check your to-do list and find out what you were not able to do and why. Take note on everything you postponed or missed. Learn from your mistakes and ask yourself ‘how to boost your productivity?’

Give Happiness A Chance



‘Happy people are more productive’, yes it is. More specifically, I am saying that happier people get more done and done better than the rest. And being happy is not about your perks, remuneration, benefits or anything but to choose the career you like the most. Either way, it is pretty much clear that happiness is the prominent factor in the success of both employees as well as companies- and if we set our sights on it, then the results will be astonishing.

As I am about to conclude, I remember these words from Jesse Lear the Co-founder of V.I.P. Waste Services, “Every night before bed, I think about this question: If I live every day the same way I did today, what kind of future would that create? It forces me to constantly evaluate whether or not my actions are lining up with my priorities. The future is shaped one day at a time, and it’s never as far away as we think”.


Tips to Boost your productivity and Keep Your Productivity in Every Day Life


Boost your productivity in every day life is a well-known subject heard around the general public and numerous business foundations nowadays. Business people of all sizes should make sure that the workers they are paying are giving quality to the organization. One approach to quantifying this esteem is to measure working environment Boost your productivity level. For every hour, a worker is not productive the organization loses cash.

The way towards keep your productivity every day is not as simple as it appears. You should characterize for yourself what characterizes the different estimations of Boost your productivity. It could meet particular objectives or achieve a specific number of offers every month. Really, the potential outcomes are huge.

For deciding productivity, many organizations outsource other support of assuming responsibility of the duty. These organizations have practical experience in coming into a business, examining it, planning definitions for productivity and them measuring the efficiency and showing the outcomes to the customer. Most organizations can likewise give the customer and their representatives with arrangements for enhancing work process, Increase your productivity level and occupation fulfillment. Effective usage of these arrangements expands benefits and builds up more joyful workers. Furthermore, henceforth the preferences counterbalance the cost of the administration.

some entrepreneurs pick the conventional method for boosting productivity – that is through successful correspondence and keep your productivity every day. This how they balanced business relationship. At the end of the day, they simply need to fulfill their representatives however much as could reasonably be expected, on the grounds that they trust that more joyful laborers are the most beneficial ones.

There are a couple of things we can really control in our life; tragically, time isn’t one of them. Yet, we can know about how to Boost your productivity, keep your productivity every day we utilize it. Surely we have to Most of us have been in circumstances where we wished there were “more hours in the day” to complete things. Below we are given some Tips to keep your productivity every day.

1.Start Your First Thing Right In Everyday

How you begin your morning sets the tone for the whole day.

Awakening prior and getting into full action mode can help you accomplish progressively the whole day. You ought to likewise begin your day on a positive note. This will help to boost your productivity in a whole day. While the vast majority tend to concentrate on what they’ve not possessed the capacity to fulfill the earlier day, resetting your needs and assaulting the new day’s objectives is critical to making the best utilization of your time.

Getting up and making your body move jump-starts the system and the mind neurotransmitters associating once more. In the event that you aren’t in the propensity for moving first thing when you get up, this may feel somewhat weird at first yet, believe me, it works. Regardless of the possibility that you aren’t a morning individual, snatch your duffel bag and hit the gym or put on your shoes and walk your canine for 30 minutes. Natural air and development begin your body and your cerebrum off on the correct foot for the day. You’ll have more productivity and a clearer head when you’re set.

Keep the telephone and messages aside and begin with some mind-invigorating activities, for example, lifting weights and doing yoga. The workouts will get your blood streaming and pump you up for work, while yoga will help you clear your mind and helps to Improve your productivity level.

2. Tame Your Mind

Reflection or care practice is a fundamental workout for your head. It just takes 10 to 20 minutes in the morning to receive a practice that can truly help you successfully deal with your day, and your life in a productive way. Reflection is demonstrated in study after review to help you bargain better with stress and enhance the ease of your psyche, which means you have a more versatile mind.

Work your take off each morning with some sort of mind fortifying activity. Attempt the Headspace application for a free introduction to what care and reflection can accomplish for you to help boost your productivity in every day life.

3. Overseeing Mental Resources

The vast majority of us wouldn’t think about grabbing a seat following an hour, however, mental exhaustion is another story. The cerebrum is normally observed as an ethereal domain that exists separated from the body and the laws of physiology. However dim matter tires well before the body does. Since every one of us is doing mental work nowadays, overseeing psychological assets is not a decent thing to have the capacity to do; it’s basic.

The cerebrum is “like a muscle. You can reinforce it or exhaust it. “On the off chance that you let this muscle energize and recharge, you’ll feel better rationally and see upgrades in your execution.”

Standard refueling input is an essential for quality yield, in light of the fact that a cerebrum is a vitality machine, expanding 20 percent of the body’s calories, Improve your productivity, despite the fact that it’s lone 2 percent of aggregate body mass. The vitality that gets consumed must be resupplied.

4. Separate From Work

To wrap things up, when you leave work at night, attempt to detach from work. This might be less essential when you’re still youthful and single, however, it turns into a pivotal way of life practice when you have an accomplice or a family. Your time outside of work enormously adds to your time at work, so give your better half and family the concentration and consideration they need and leave the workplace work at the workplace.

5. Break Time

Recuperation openings may go from breaks amid the workday to preoccupations that close off the work mind when you return home around evening time, to end of the week exercises, excursions and rest. The Break time, week excursions and exercises are surely helpful to keep your productivity in everyday life.

Individuals who participate in relief exercises amid workday recuperation breaks have larger amounts of positive effect after the breaks. That reestablishes administrative assets that expansion center and Increase your productivity. Subjects who utilized the ideal opportunity for helpful exercises – unwinding, social exercises, resting – got the advantage, while the individuals who utilized the ideal opportunity for errands – different assignments and errands- – didn’t.

As the longest partition from work stresses amid the workday, lunch is a major open door for reestablishing energy. Working while having lunch doesn’t help recuperation, one review by Trougakos reports, while independence amid the break “can counterbalance the negative impacts of work” and result in less end-of-workday weariness. Practicing amid lunch is additionally compelling. Swedish specialists observed that taking over two hours for every week for practice amid work hours expanded productivity, despite the fact that laborers were logging 6.25 percent fewer hours.

Excursions have been appeared to prompt to altogether higher execution upon come back to the employment. The empowering fixings are time far from stressors (you require two weeks to get the recuperative advantages from burnout) and authority and social encounters while in the midst of a furlough that construct capability and social association.

Leaving the work at work is a standout amongst the most vital recuperation techniques – and the hardest. In case despite everything you’re fixating on work when you’re off the occupation, no recuperation can happen. Disconnecting from work with redirections during the evening decreases exhaustion and advances beneficial outcomes the following morning at work.

When you set aside a few minutes off as vital as time on and have the arrangement to utilize it adequately, it can prompt to the sorts of execution Increase your productivity level in your workplace.

6. Always Be Happy

Our productivity is by all accounts associated with our mood. That announcement appears glaringly evident, however now there’s evidence: A University of Warwick study found that happy employees work harder. The review built up that by working close by lively individuals, employees studied were 12 percent more beneficial.

In the event that you yourself plan to see Increase your productivity at your business, stay with representatives who are chipper and upbeat and avoid the individuals who tend to share negative stuff. You can likewise add to boost your productivity every day of others by remaining glad yourself – which is incredible for everyone.

7. Eat Nutritious Food

The type of food you eat will affect your general health.

Terrible nourishment like handled carbs, refined sugars, and manufactured oils makes aggravation inside your body and harms your gut lining. The outcomes? It murders your mindset and productivity level.

Likewise, avoid from skipping meals. One of the famous author said Rediscovering Human Strength, gives this capable case of the consequences for execution of having breakfast as opposed to not having breakfast

So eat frequently and practice good eating habits. With respect to particular eating routine suggestions, I stay away from that entire “my eating routine can kick your eating regimen’s rear end.” Instead, I read a couple of super essential things that everybody will profit by.

Activity Steps:

a. Eat one clench hand size of vegetables with each significant meal

b. Keep away from prepared starches

c. Keep away from soft drinks and other sugary refreshments

d. Eat more healthy fats like nuts, avocados, eggs, coconut oil, greasy fish etc.

e. Drink more water.

8. Schedule Your Time


Credit:flickr/Oliver Tacke

Time grouping is a proficient approach to get the continuous efficiency time you require. Guarantee that there are no less than 60 minutes, ideally, two, of clumped time for you to issue unravel, think, conceptualize and generally handle the work you have to manage without being bothered. You can maintain your task very easily through time management tools like Restyaboard, Rescue Time, Remember The Milk, etc.. These tools are very helpful to manage your time more productively. And it indicates yours do to list pending and done task list. Through that, you can increase your work time productivity.  It’s an exceedingly effective approach to complete a great deal in boost your productivity in everyday life.

I hope the above Productivity tips are surely helpful to boost your productivity and keep your productivity in everyday life.