Practice Data Driven Approach For Better Productivity

Data driven productivityData may be the most debated term in recent times. In fact, it has become the most significant term for every businesses in a quick time frame. World has gone digital and digital business is all relied on data. From small businesses to industry leaders, every one crave for data and is trying their best to get more. Data has influenced several aspects of business, but how about productivity? Data and productivity being two different poles of business, how could it be related? Let’s take a look at some facts regarding the connection between data and productivity.

How Connected Is Data And Productivity To Each Other?

Data basically is very effective in analyzing employee performance and workload. When it comes to marketers, data can be so admirable that they can closely monitor their efforts and consult with a few easy-to-use dashboards to see if leads generated turned into conversions (Salesforce, Google Analytics). Obviously you will be aware about the term Big data. Like the name suggests, its narrates the huge quantity of data. While we consider this in term of Employee, Big data is all about employee information and confidential business data. This data on employees help managers to better understand how their employees spend their time. Data such as recruitment files, personnel records, performance analysis, training and development reports, are added to databases every moment. This ultimately will have an impact on decision making.

Make Use Of Data TO Analyze Your Efforts And Revenue It Generated

Data analysis is the core part in generating profit. In fact, it is so useful for employees that it may help them analyse themselves. In order to achieve more productivity, you need to understand the results of your existing working strategy and further improvise. Consider this situation when your boss asks you, how things are going. Instead of providing a general response, you can reply with precise data that reflect the outcome of your efforts. This type of data-driven answer will prove to your boss that you don’t only care about checking off boxes, but you’re also committed to bolstering the company’s revenue goals.

Use Data To Track The Time Consuming

A lot of us are afraid to disclose the exact time we spend on some task. We may utilize our first 30 minutes in office to go through some news but are afraid to admit that. With enough data to track your activities and time spending on each, you will get a clear cut idea on how to manage your time more efficiently and productively. Productivity can be improved through this data driven approach more efficiently than any other means.

You can always rely on  tools such as data analytics to actually find out areas wherein employees need to showcase improvements or decide on the best benefits that meet employee needs and expectations. Moreover, one can use predictive analysis to predict employee’s behaviour, talent attrition, voluntary employee turnover and understand decision-making processes. By identifying the defects and flaws through this, one can sharpen their strengths, work more on their weakness and thereby improve the turnover and productivity.

Final Words

Even though I have mentioned certain data driven productivity tips, there are still several factors that cannot be measured. Things like teamwork, collaboration and positivity cannot be measured through these methods. Of Course, you can understand those by yourselves, no need to measure those. But, my point here is, without these core qualities there is no point in considering any of those above mentioned points. Because you will always lag behind without those.



How To Become A Highly Productive Writer?

Productivity Tips to become a highly productive writer

Writing can be grueling, particularly when you are a content creator and you have objectives to meet, and numbers to appear.

written work, much the same as creative arts, is driven by motivation which is rarely available to you no matter what. In spite of that, influencing composing an ordinary practice to can make it simpler to do as such. Highly productive writers satisfy the numbers and in the meantime don’t bargain on the nature of writing.

With legitimate arranging, methodology, and practice, you can, without much of a stretch, turn into a highly productive writer that can drive incredible outcomes. Here are a few Ways:

Track Your Writing Goals And Progress

Something else that I have seen to work incredibly for me is to have objectives before doing any of my writing. Before thinking of, it is essential to have a thought of what number of words you need your article to be, what number of articles you need to write, how long you need to spend on that article, and how soon you need the article to be finished.

Training yourself is imperative when endeavoring to be more productive, yet of what point is to teach when there is no goal? When you recognize what goals you are pointing towards, it turns out to be simple for you to teach yourself towards making it conceivable.

Be Prepared To Write Anywhere

In the event that you look the Internet for the most proficient productivity tips, you’ll see that huge numbers of them expect you to have the ideal condition and no diversions. To me, it isn’t sensible to request that the world stop since you’re composing. We live in a noisy world. We need to set up an inward space to write, not an external one. Work on finding that, sifting through the noise around you. At the point when your brain is prepared, your area doesn’t make a difference.

Do Your Research Before Writing

One of the keys to writing a considerable measure of articles inside a brief time frame is to inquire about first before writing. You can try to know what number of articles you should write on a specific day, and you can guarantee your exploration the focuses and all that you require for those articles previously you begin writing the first article.

Reward Yourself

Those of you with kids may have utilized conduct diagrams, where they get a star or a sticker each time something great is accomplished. Rewards for good behavior can really work truly well. 

To Become a Productive Writer Avoid Burnout

Highly productive writer

Notice whether any feeling of torpidity or lack of inspiration regarding with respect to your work is continuous or just endures a session or two. On the off chance that you can’t push through that inclination, you might be genuinely worn out and you should take a day or two off. You may lose this time, yet you’ll return more productive.

Keep a Standard Written Work Arrangement

Make your written work sessions general arrangements since this will guarantee that you and others see your writing time as non-debatable. Being reliable in booking your writing arrangements will likewise support your productivity. Put aside a customary written work time to make a normal that your innovative side will start to react to.

Set Your Day By Day Priorities

Recognize what you have to complete. Adhere to those needs that implies your day by day word or page tally or project to-do list. You can use some other useful tools also like Trello, Restyaboard, etc… Try not to do whatever else until the point that you meet that objective. No surfing the Net. No calling your mother or checking email or posting on Facebook.

They Build Flexibility Into Their Writing Process

A beneficial essayist comprehends that the written work process is not generally straight. They realize that their writing thoughts won’t generally spill out of starting to center to end, and they work around that. For instance, as opposed to investing hours chipping away at an early on a passage that simply isn’t meeting up, a  highly productive writer will start taking a shot at different parts of the article, post, screenplay, or story.

Read Productivity Books And Blogs

This is the last and probably the most imperative productivity tip in this article. The above tips are just what have worked for me and are extremely restricted it might be said on the grounds that they originate from one man. By trying to read the work of others you will be presented to the investigations of others, and the outcomes they got. You will have the capacity to see more statistical data points, and you will have the capacity to realize what to drop and what to adjust to.

Actually there is nobody answer for each issue, yet in the meantime there is no single person that is completely unique, there are individuals with a same attributes and tastes from all of you over the world, and by reading productivity books and online journals you will be presented to what works for them, and therefore think that its simple increase your productivity.

There are no traps to make it simpler, just propensities and practices you can create to complete it. In this post, we’ve investigated how you can become a highly productive writer. We’ve inspected productivity tools and traps method, while likewise examining the principal significance of having a thorough outline.

Productivity is a mix of ensuring you have the schedule-wise and space to write, defining solid objectives, attempting to expand your word or page tally and having an effective writing approach.



A Look Into Google’s And Apple’s Employee Productivity Ideas

Web Development Challenges
Major Web Development Challenges

Employee productivity has been among the key business success factors since long ago. And today’s competition has provided it with the choices to refine itself and to evolve within. To automate is one among those revolutionary practices. Today, a lot of business organizations rely on Restyaboard like platforms to automate their productivity efforts. And I am not about to blame them for those practices though. Instead, I have this distinct view on Productivity, which is fundamentally very much simple and convenient. As to reach this particular assumption, I have done a research on few tech giant’s productivity ideas which includes Google as well as Apple. And I have come across this brief opinion. Hope this will help.

Constructive Employee Grouping

People often think Google, Apple, Amazon etc are more successful because they hire A grade employees. But this is not the case actually. Numbers will reveal the rest. Our research found out that big companies such as Google and Apple have 16% star players, while other companies have 15%. Not much difference right? Then what is the secret formula?

Google normally picks a few important roles (roles that can contribute critically towards the business growth) and fill 95% of these roles with A level employees. The remaining roles possess comparatively lesser star players.

Prefer Easy Over Hard

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg explains this different idea of choosing easy tasks over harder ones. “I think a simple rule of business is, if you do the things that are easier first, then you can actually make a lot of progress,” he was quoted as saying in the book ‘Mark Zuckerberg: 10 Lessons In Leadership’ by Michael Essany.

It seemed too odd to me at first, then I understood that this is more of a psychological approach. And of Course, I love mind games. It’s about building confidence or ease and then slowly to step onto much harder works.

Mind Organizational Drag

Ok! Let us talk in terms of numbers again. An average business loses more than 25% of its productivity due to organizational drag alone. A Research Conducted by Harvard Business Review found that organizational drag costs the economy more than $3 trillion each year in lost output.

Organization drag occurs because of several reasons. It can be due to employee behavior or even because of the organization itself, that they assign processes that consume human capital, waste time, and zap energy. Most of the time it happens unintentionally but either way, it can be costly. The best practice to minimize organization drag is to give serious attention to the same and then to implement best possible measures to prevent those from happening.

Inspiring Leaders

Productivity was never a stable entity as it leans on one’s emotions, behaviors and more. Studies have shown that an engaged employee is 44% more productive than a satisfied employee. And guess what, an inspired employee is 125% more productive than the same.

For instance, Dell Technologies recently recognized the difference between the inspired and the normal team. A sales team which is led by an inspired leader outrun the average sales team by 6%. If you consider that 6% in terms of annual revenue, it accounts for an extra $1 billion. Imagine, how much a poor leadership can cost you.

Wrapping Up

Individual performances can be beneficial but when considering the whole organizational growth collective is my logical choice over individuality. Moreover, a productive business is a collective effort rather than individual talents.


4 Take Away Productivity Lessons Every Employees Should Follow


Productivity is much more than a term or measurement, it was ever been, and ever will be a key factor which influences your business success. I often write about proven productivity standards, tips, tools and more. But, here are few simple productivity insights, which I preferred experimenting in myself to accomplish the highest peak of productivity.

Keep An Eye On Reaction Time

Productivity is highly influenced by your reaction time. Please don’t mistake this on the context on Typing speed or anything. This is different.Fortunately, in my lifetime I have met several unproductive people who don’t respond to their E mails, who lag behind their works, those who experienced almost every aspect of unproductivity. I have found One common factor in all, their reaction to trends, conflicts, new tools, a new process, new colleagues and more. People who lack pace in anything will run out of productivity.

Learn To Use A To-do List

A lot of us believe that we can simply remember things that we want to follow each day. But it’s merely impossible, I would say. We constantly will forget things, which in turn will stress us out. The practice to follow is to create a task list. And keep in mind that you don’t have to stuff a lot of tasks into the list. It’s fine to choose one or two prior tasks along with 4-5 minor tasks each day.

And guess, this is not over yet. You will need to invest your time in finding the right pattern or system to work on. It’s all about the flow, the balance and all. And it changes from the person to person. I usually prefer simple task management tools like Restyaboard to support my efforts. Anyhow, it’s all up to you, It all possible with you.

Know Your Unproductive Hours

So, you may probably be too lazy to recognize your unproductive hours. This is the most disastrous thing you can do to yourself. I have heard many people quoting on finding your productive hours. But, the first step is to know yourself, to know the lazy in you. Then you can better yourself by planning things accordingly. If you want to be more effective, You should really need to find out your unproductive hours and you should subtract those from the actual working hours.

Look For A Wider Perspective

You should see things from a much broader angle. I am saying this in the context of our Communication with our fellow colleagues. There is this common trait in everyone, people talk about things that they care about. So, what’s wrong in that? Well, the problem is, this definitely will never help your productivity. You should never limit your ideas either narrow yourself by any means. You should communicate in a such a broad manner with a clear long sight.

Productivity today deserve such importance that it possesses great power, which can either help you grow or let you die. Keep an eye on your productivity principles, do not be afraid to implement new Productivity strategies as the situation demands. Remember, Without change, there will not be any growth.


5 Proven Strategies To Measure Your Employee’s Productivity

tips fromsuccessfulpeople

We live in a world of innovation, the world that compromises on nothing but newness in ideas. Almost 90% of all business firms follow some kind of employee productivity measuring techniques. But the question is, Are you getting any optimistic results in terms of profit from these?  If the answer is no, then you have to re-assess your methods.

There are few things you have to consider when choosing the methods to measure productivity. In fact, these are few questions you have to ask yourself.

How Big Are Your Expectations?

An accurate productivity can mean more than just counting products made or sold, or services performed. When you about to work any project, you should have a clear expectation the whole process. You have to let your employee know that how much effort you expect from him. And when you measure your employee’s productivity, you have to discuss the findings with him. It may help him to reassess himself.

What Are Your Business Goals?

There is no doubt that you have a business goal. But do your employee know this? Whether it is about increasing the profits, efficiency, new customers or anything, you want to give your employees a clear cut idea on your short term as well long term business goals. Studies have shown that employees who are able to see a direct connection between their productivity and company goals are far happier-and therefore more productive-than those who don’t see how their work affects company goals.

What Are Your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?

Before you can choose the most accurate productivity measurement methods, you need to see what really drives your business. You need to be clear about your KPIs. These are your drivers-the profit-making, reputation-making parts of your organization.

Now, let’s move on to some proven Employee productivity measurement methods.

Management By Objectives (MBO) Model

This is a very well known method and the idea is to measure your employee’s productivity in ways that reveal how well an employee’s output is contributing to your company’s goals and targets. For this, the employee must be given clear and precise individual productivity goals to work forward along with the right tools and resources for the same.

Also, if your plan is to improve your profit by 25% next year, you’ll need to decide what kind of training and incentives you’ll use to ensure that the employees are ready to help you achieve that goal.

  Quantitative Productivity Measurement

Measuring Productivity Quantitatively means calculating an employee’s productivity by the number of parts or products he/she produces in a particular period of time, such as per hour, day or month. This is said to be very efficient for small business but according to me, this can be very effective for large businesses too.

This can easily be calculated using any productivity tools or task management tools like Restya Board. Output can be calculated by the volume of product produced or by the financial value of the product/service.

Measuring  Service Productivity

To measure the productivity of a service is somewhat challenging. Some business firms calculate it by counting the number of finished tasks in a given time frame. Other businesses measure it in terms of service delivery, customer feedback, or by individual and department self-evaluations.

Whatever set of criteria you choose, your prior step is to create a baseline by considering your company’s best service level under conditions and measure the productivity against that.

Spot The Areas Of Redundancy And Track Individually

The challenge in this method is to find out the unproductive area of your employee, the areas of redundancy that are supposed to be eliminated in order to improve the productivity. By removing all the unnecessary tasks or anything, the employee will be able to concentrate more on priority tasks and ultimately it will result in better productivity. This included tracking too. As you find the issues, you have to track your employee’s individually to find out who is performing better and who is not. You can setup a spreadsheet to log their output daily, looking for high achievers, under-performers, and patterns among both groups.

 Measuring Productivity In Terms Of Profit

Profit can be used as an effective tool to measure the productivity. The process is nothing but measuring the bottom line. It doesn’t involve tracking individual employee movements but only higher level functions are considered.

This method ensures that productivity measurements don’t keep employees from working creatively or take a great deal of management’s time. The idea is simple, “Watch the money and everything will fall in line.”

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Productivity Principles that will Change the Face Of Your Business


People are getting so bored on the word productivity as they have access to tons of Productivity tips and ideas these days. I found a lot of contradictory productivity principles and ideas in Internet recently. So I decided to filter some valuable ones. Let’s get straight into the business then,

Set Your Goals, Plan Accordingly

This may be the most basic concept of productivity. And this is one among the most confused word too. I saw people sweating over their goals, to-dos, task lists and all. This is the mistake in fact. The purpose of Goals is not to stress you out. You need to set your goals because it has the power to motivate you, it gives you a picture of destiny, it helps you get going. Moreover, it is so important that it bridges the present with the future.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live

People often think, in digital economy knowledge workers use their brain not their body. It is funny that they forgot , brain constitutes a part of our body. Even I have seen people (techies mostly) who care less about their physical health. Well, to survive you need to take care of your body.  This is simple, no body, no life, no success. The good news is that you don’t have to exhaust yourself to get that promotion. Realizing the importance of your physical health is critical for success.

Pareto Principle


This is pretty basic and this is much familiar as 80/20 rule. It states that 80% of effects come from 20% of causes or 80% of results come from 20% of work. Let’s make this crystal clear. Think about, In your business, work or whatever, where do the results come from?

Asking this question to yourself will help you find out the area where you want to invest your time. The essence of this rule is simple, you don’t need to be perfect, you have to find out what matters the most.

Exploit The Eisenhower Method

The “Eisenhower Method” derived from a quote by Dwight D. Eisenhower: “I have two kinds of problems, the urgent and the important. The urgent are not important, and the important are never urgent.”

The ides is simple. Separate everything you want to do into 4 categories,

  • Urgent and important (do these immediately).
  • Important, but not urgent (create a plan to do these).
  • Urgent, but not important (automate or assign anyone to do this).
  • Neither urgent nor important (eliminate these).

Find Your Flow

This is the most important factor according to me. It doesn’t matter what you are up-to, you have to discover your flow. This is more like knowing ourselves. You need to find out your peak hours of productivity and schedule your most important tasks for then. Work on minor tasks at your non- peak times. Follow these for productivity growth.

One More Thing

You will find a few known productivity principles around here but what really matters is your desire towards what you do or How much you need it?. Productivity can be explained through principles and concepts but it lives within yourself.
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7 Smart Productivity Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind


Have you ever feel so stressed out as you fly through your to-do list? This may be the most irrelevant or absurd question one can ask any business person. Anyone who is connected with some business in any manner would have experienced the same at some point. But, imagine the situation where you have plenty of time left to finish your to-dos. This indeed is the promise of Productivity hacks. Well, I am not sure about the real time authenticity of these promises anyway.

Prioritize Your Work Effectively

I have seen people who run behind the Eat the Frog concept, which is nothing but doing your most important work first each day. The issue with this concept is that it feels more like a blind strategy to me. My idea is simple, schedule your priority task for the time that suits you best. Doesn’t matter whether it is after your Lunch or coffee break. As long as you are more motivated or energized, its fine. Do not just follow, innovate.

Starting Easy And Working Up

Another big mistake people commit is classifying the tasks in accordance with the urgency and doing those in the same order. Well, it may work for few but trust me I know exceptions. My way of starting is that I will keep a list of tiny to-dos which I can finish with in limited time and run through them. This is more of a mind game. You will feel motivated as you finished all these tiny tasks quickly and you will be ready to handle more serious tasks.

Technology For Minimalism

This is much familiar to us as being a part of Digital era. With a lot of tech opportunities, the challenge is to choose the right thing that can contribute towards your requirements. When someone wants some growth in their business, they have to keenly observe each and every aspect of it. And I have learned from my experience that, little things are the ones which can make the difference. The first step is to assess how you are spending your time? And how much you are spending on each one? Through this, you can filter the unproductive tasks from productive ones. For instance, if you are spending too much time on task management, rely on any reputed productivity tools such as Restya Board.

The Pomodoro Technique


This may seem odd but this is proven effective to increase productivity. The Pomodoro techniques were first introduced in 1980’s by Francesco Cirillo. The strategy involves working in brief, 25-minute intervals, and taking a 5-minute break at the end of every 25-minute interval. This can sometimes cause troubles as your boss will confuse this with laziness. So it is advisable that you have to intimate your boss as well as your co-workers about practicing this particular strategy.

Give Some Space For Innovation

Google came up with this idea of providing a percentage of their work time to think outside their projects and on what they think would benefit the company most. The fact is, if you are constantly doing the same thing again and again, it lacked innovation. So try to set aside some percentage of your time for creative, innovative thoughts and ideas.

Quiet Your Inner Perfectionist

Be a perfectionist is hard at times. They crave perfection in everything they do. It can be beneficial at times but it can be harmful on the other side. Think about a situation where you spend a lot of time on unproductive tasks which do not need to be perfect. This is where it itches. So, save your perfectionist instincts for times when it really does matter.  

Get A Plant For Your Office Desk!

Research conducted by American Association For Advancement Of Science concluded that exposure to Green makes you productive. What is important is that everyone could see a plant from their desk.If someone is working in an environment where there’s something to get him psychologically engaged he tends to be more happier and he will work better.
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Top 7 Tips To Enhance Your Productivity Efforts



Productivity is nothing more than a state or quality of being productive. It is usually measured as in terms of rate of output per unit of input. Even though we can synonymize productivity as efficiency, capacity or anything, it, in fact, is an important matrix not only in terms of business but in terms of almost everything. The principle is simple. Despite how different our jobs may be-whether you are an Engineer or a Marketing person-the common fact is- we want to be better at what we do.

Well, there are several factors we need to consider when it comes to achieving success. From the knowledge to leadership there comes a ton of factors and habits. May be you are a pro at some of these factors but lack several others. Either way, here I provide 7 productivity tips to ladder your efforts.

It’s All Starts With Habits

Here I offer some practical steps to incorporate into your daily routine to optimize your time and to maintain your productivity all day long.

The first preference must be given to your body, I would say. I never meant that you have to do a heavy workout but one should at least practice a 10 minutes exercise routine.  So why I suggested  a 10 Minutes routine instead of a 30 Minutes one? Because a 10 Minutes workout is perfect that it won’t interrupt your other routine stuffs.

Another major factor is a healthy breakfast. Even there is a saying “Eat your breakfast like a king”. Since the breakfast is the most important meal of the day, make sure you had some healthy food.

The next is to pick at least three things that you would like to accomplish in the next 12 hours. Remember, everyday may not be an epic win but strategizing this way will allow you to move the game forward.

This part of the story may seem unusual but I think it is worth a shot. Take a fifteen minutes break right after the lunch, a kind of professional meditation. Analyse the things you have done. Think about the to-dos, analyse the status of it. Plan and focus on the remaining things for the rest of the day.

All these things may or may not boost your productivity, but it’s worth giving a try.

Quit Planning, Start Doing

It is OK to take some time to plan things but if you get back to your planning table more often, it will definitely steal your valuable productivity time. So instead of taking so much time for planning, just do it. There are certain methods to accelerate your planning efforts. Productivity planner is one among the best possible choices for anyone who wants to save some time on planning. The Productivity Planner helps you prioritize and accomplish the vital few tasks that make your day satisfying. Besides, you can always try some productivity tools at your work.

Be Better At Managing Your Time

Time obviously is the sound part of the Productivity. There are several ways to manage and optimize your valuable time today. If you are a very smart person, you can even manage it manually and efficiently. But most of the time it is practically impossible. This is because of our crazy working hours as well as the tasks we are assigned to. Productivity experts suggest leaving this task and time management part to platforms like Restyaboard or Trello.

So now, we will discuss some general time management insights for a usual week. Basically we talk in terms of energy since energy is what we feed on.

To get the best out of it, follow these schedules,

  • Monday – It is always better to schedule low demanding tasks like setting goals, organizing, and planning. This is all because the energy ramps out of the weekend.
  • Tuesday & Wednesday – During these days you can experience the peak of energy. So it is advisable to tackle the most difficult tasks at this time.
  • Thursday – Energy began receding. It suggested to schedule meetings as you experience the  energy retreat.
  • Friday –  Low energy level. Because the energy is comparatively low, it is better to schedule open ended work, long term planning and so.

Moreover, you can always depend on any productivity tools to enhance your efficiency at work.

Get Away From The Distractions


This may be the biggest challenge you will be facing. If you feel unsure about how to actually do it, I can totally relate. Distractions are found to be the biggest stumbling blocks to productivity. Even though we have certain reputed tools like Restyaboard  for task management, unfortunately we never have any known productivity tools to take away the distractions. But there certainly are some practices which probably can contribute to the cause.

The first step step towards the solution is the realization that distractions happens with everyone. And when you need to get down to business, you must act as if you and the task at hand are the only things in the world for the next 30 minutes, hour, or however much time you’re dedicating to it.  But to implement this successfully, you need to protect your environment from all that pesky notifications.

This strategy will not resolve every distractions. After all this just a strategy, no amount of magic here. But the point is, you can always take control over the situations.

How Good Are You At Collaboration And Influence?

The most productive teams from several organizations have proved that collaborating with each other is crucial for productivity. An article on Red booth talks about the fact that employees of all levels at Google agree that an open-door policy gives everyone the opportunity to have their ideas heard. It would be easy to dismiss or ignore this idea but this is something even you can try implementing. If you are a person with a tendency to throw a headphone on to block everyone out or keep your face down during meetings, take a break from those habits. Open yourself to hearing, listening. Well, you may say that this will not boost your productivity at work directly but this surely is a proven way to grow big.

Review As Well As Measure your Productivity Efforts

This step literally generate the productivity tips for your upcoming week. Analyzing ‘which is working and which is not’ will help you understand and focus on the right productivity factors. Just before closing the week’s work evaluate the achievements as well as the troubles you have faced. Cross check your to-do list and find out what you were not able to do and why. Take note on everything you postponed or missed. Learn from your mistakes and ask yourself ‘how to boost your productivity?’

Give Happiness A Chance



‘Happy people are more productive’, yes it is. More specifically, I am saying that happier people get more done and done better than the rest. And being happy is not about your perks, remuneration, benefits or anything but to choose the career you like the most. Either way, it is pretty much clear that happiness is the prominent factor in the success of both employees as well as companies- and if we set our sights on it, then the results will be astonishing.

As I am about to conclude, I remember these words from Jesse Lear the Co-founder of V.I.P. Waste Services, “Every night before bed, I think about this question: If I live every day the same way I did today, what kind of future would that create? It forces me to constantly evaluate whether or not my actions are lining up with my priorities. The future is shaped one day at a time, and it’s never as far away as we think”.


Productivity Tips To Make Your Children Dependable And Productive

Productivity Tips To Make Your Children Dependable And Productive.jpg

Productivity Tips For Children is one of the most crit issues. Even aged people also can’t able to stay productive in their everyday life. Bringing up capable and productive kids can appear like a difficult task in this day and age. Children are presented to innovation that gives moment delight in many parts of their lives. It requires a coordinated push to make kids capable and productive with regards to tasks, homework, and different duties. Here we share some Best Productivity Tips for boosting a kid’s productivity.

1. Show Problem-Solving Skills

Kids aren’t conceived knowing how to take care of issues. Many children surrender without attempting or believe there’s just a single approach to take care of an issue. Instruct your productive kids that tackling an issue can take different endeavors. It is one of the best Strategies For Boosting a Kid’s Productivity. Play recreations that instruct your kids how to take care of issues. Give your kids riddles to unravel and play amusements that support inventive considering.

Give your kid an errand and request that of no less than five approaches to take care of the issue. For instance, ask him how kids could move one question from the seat to the table without utilizing his hands. Perceive what number of innovative arrangements productive kids can think of and examine the numerous answers for the issue. You should teach advantages of productivity in everyday life.You also give some Productivity tips for kids to solving the problems.

2. Give Some Rewards For Motivation

Give your kids rewards for a vacation well done. It is one way of Best Strategies For Boosting a Kid’s Productivity. Much the same as grown-ups get a compensation check for appearing to work and doing their employment, children ought to gain some kind of reward for doing their occupations also.

Furnish your kid with a remittance for finishing their tasks. Make administers about the amount of their cash they can spend and how much should be spared so you can instruct your youngster to be capable with cash.

3. Allot Chores

Allot errands to your productive kids to help them carry on dependable. Indeed, even youthful youngsters can perform straightforward undertakings with the help of using some productivity tips, for example, putting their dishes in the sink. More established youngsters ought to be given day by day tasks and after some time, they ought to require fewer suggestions to complete their errands.

Abstain from annoying your kid to complete their errands. On the off chance that you pester your children, they’re less inclined to assume liability to recall what they need to complete. Rather, give results in the event that they don’t finish their tasks on time. Finishing their task in a particular time is one of the important productivity tips for kids.

4. Set Up a Schedule

Make a calendar that will help your kids to be productive. Help your child put aside time to do their school work, complete their errands, and finish their everyday task. You can also use Restyaboard for assigning the task for your kids. Here you have a lot of features available. Like to do, doing and done options. If kids finish the particular task they just move the card to done list. Otherwise, that card display in the to do list. So we can easily identify the performance of the kids.

Instruct your children to complete their work before playing. At the point when children comprehend that they can have available time to play outside or utilize their hardware once their work is done, they are a great deal to be a productive Kids. If you want to manage your time effectively you can follow the time management tools like Restyaboard or Trello.

5. Give Consequences When Necessary

Give an outcome when your children don’t carry on capable. When you give them a result, it will help them gain from their missteps.

Once in a while, common outcomes are sufficient to instruct your kids a lesson. In the event that your youngster doesn’t complete their homework, accepting a zero may result in enough for them. In any case, here and there, extra outcomes should be forced. Consider taking endlessly additional benefits, for example, hardware, until your productive kids can demonstrate that they can act dependably once more. Depends upon that you can use the Strategies For Boosting a Kid’s Productivity.

Make it clear what they need to do to get their benefits reestablished. For instance, let them know they can gain their gadgets back once they make up the work that they are absent at school. That places the obligation back on them to complete it. Productivity Tips For Kids is necessary to be productive in their life and day to day activity.

6. Set Time Limits On Electronics

Help your kid set up sound propensities by setting time restraints on hardware. Generally, two hours of screen time, including TV, computer games, and PC diversions, is a bounty.

Urge your child to have different interests and activities that don’t include hardware. Balanced children are probably going to take an interest in games, clubs, and different exercises that keep them too occupied to ever be stuck to the TV. You can boost up your productivity with time management tips.

You also assigned estimated time for each task even playing and watching tv. Restyaboard has all these special features. So you can use this tool and monitor your kid’s productivity easily.

7. Have a Timetable

This is particularly valid for little children. It’s critical to set up a regiment that will be agreeable for your children and that will help you arrange your day in like manner. A considerable measure of guardians don’t have this regiment and their children go to bed just when the guardians surmise that they are drained, they wake up at various circumstances each morning and they are nourished when they appear as though they are eager.

Not exclusively does it makes your life more entangled, it likewise makes your youngster sloppy and undisciplined. Kids dependable go to bed in the meantime around evening time, they wake up in the meantime in the morning, they have their snooze in the meantime consistently and they eat in the meantime also. Guardians are the same, they need a plan as well. Arrange for what to do and when you have to do it and take after your arrangement. For instance, my morning hours are committed to working out, I begin settling dinner in the meantime consistently and I have a couple of hours put aside for productive work.

8. Stop Multi-Tasking

It may sound enticing to work while you are viewing over the children, however, this is not a smart thought. Productive Kids know when you are faking and when you are not bona fide in your longing to play with them. I don’t know why yet all youngsters get greatly fastidious and testy when you are attempting to accomplish something critical and imagine that you are playing with them. On the off chance that you need to play with your kids then do it truly and appreciate each minute that you go through with them. When they are playing all alone or resting then you can utilize all your mental energy to complete things.

If you are assigned the task in Restyaboard. You can easily find out the total assigned hours. In that particular time, you don’t assign any other task. Here you can refer these all details in an easy way. So parents are must concentrate their kid’s task. We don’t force them to do Multitasking. You should get some knowledge about Productivity Tips For Kids. And plan their task depends on that productivity tips. After that really you feel the advantages of productivity tips.

9. Make a Family Calendar

Arranging shouldn’t be selective to grown-ups. Hang a calendar in the family room or kitchen where everybody can see it. Have your children think of occasions and due dates, and they will probably need to finish the errand – they helped set it up, all things considered!

10. Practice With Them

Practice With Them

You’ve most likely been lectured the enormous advantages of productivity in work out. That is valid for your children, as well! A touch of circling in the yard or a speedy bicycle ride will help them concentrate on the job needing to be done and keep them from getting diverted as effortlessly.

11. Utilize Additional Sources

On the off chance that you are unverifiable on the best way to extra pass your insight on to your kids, you may need gaze upward for extra sources to bail you out. One of the courses is to counsel an expert and find out about different strategies for boosting a kid’s productivity. Another incredible method for acquiring learning or helping yourself to remember every one of the traps is by perusing for Every coach, for the site offers extraordinary lessons and assets which can help each father acquire data, last to be passed on to the children. The last choice ought to be recordings made particularly for children and young people, showing them how to appropriately deal with their undertakings and how to wind up distinctly more productive.

12. Do The Weekly Review

An ideal approach to educating your children productivity is to be their good example; utilize the end of the week (Sunday or Saturday night) to do your week after week audit before them. At first, they may be repulsed, yet their interest will soon venture forward and they will begin watching you and the things you do. Before long they will begin grabbing procedures and might do it without anyone else’s help. On the off chance that you continue saying so everyone can hear things, for example, “I need to do this consistently”, or “it is critical to do this consistently”, they will assimilate it as something noteworthy and basic and might apply it sooner than you might suspect. You will assign the task to your kids on a weekly basis means at the weekend you will go to check that board. If any task is under todo list or doing list you can easily find out and identify the reasons.

Productive Kids require profitable grown-ups to show them the craft of tranquil efficiency. Be a good example to your youngsters, and show them at an opportune time the attitudes that will impact numerous things in their lives. Let them know that these are the tricks that will help them take care of issues all the more effortlessly and that they will dependably be compensated a short time later. I hope the above productivity tips for kids surely use to you.

Distractions That Are The Top Productivity Killers

Distraction that are the Top Productivity KillersWhile innovation might help to increase your productivity at the workplace in some ways, it’s stinging it in others, new research finds. Cell phones, the Internet, online networking, and messages are among the 10 greatest working environment productivity killers. In particular, the greater part of the businesses over viewed says the greatest diversion at work originates from representatives utilizing their cell phones, with 44 percent saying the same in regards to employees utilizing the Internet.

Be that as it may, innovation can’t assume all the fault for keeping representatives from completing their work. The review uncovered that 37 percent of businesses indicate office prattle as their greatest productivity killers, while 27 percent say collaborators making a trip to talk represents their greatest impediment to their productivity at work. Many of the people are don’t know about how to maintain their productivity at workplace. So better you go with some productivity tips surely it will get a solution to avoid productivity killer.

Raise Your Hand If Any Of The Accompanying Work Environment Diversions Sound Well Known:

You are sitting in your desk area working ceaselessly when out of the blue two representatives — one on either side- stick their heads over the desk area dividers and start a discussion, with you in the center.

You’re tending to your very own concerns, taking a shot at a vital venture that the manager needs to have completed today, when an associate, seeing your office entryway open, chooses to fly in and inform all of you regarding his end of the week at the shoreline, saving no detail.

You’re in an open office environment, and the worker alongside you is noisily directing an individual telephone call clearly careless in regards to the aggravation it’s bringing about.
These are only a couple of the numerous diversions your workers experience once a day and it’s essentially hampering their productivity at the workplace and acts as a productivity killer.

Sort Out Your Email

You don’t react to messages for the duration of the day. It is one of the main reason for Distraction at the workplace. Toward the end of every day, you will go through your inbox, record the email and make a schedule to react. The following day, you audit your rundown and organize. When you will not ricocheting all through messages, this gives me to add up to the control of your day and Boost your productivity at the workplace with time management tips fundamentally.

Try Not To Convey Your Telephone To Gatherings

Cell phones are useful for on-the-spot examine, however, the hindrances of having a diversion amid a meeting exceed the positives. Attempt to maintain a strategic distance from the allurement by leaving the telephone around your work area. It is one of the best productivity tips for everyone. Through that, You will be astounded at the uptick in productivity. It is helpful to boost your productivity at the workplace and also It will reduce Distraction at the workplace.

Put Your Telephone On “Don’t Aggravate”

Set your iPhone to airplane mode and place it in another room so it can’t exasperate you while your positives. likewise, you won’t check it first thing in the morning or amid an eager night. At work, you are additionally set your iPhone to “don’t exasperate” so you can center without intrusion in the morning, which is the point at which your generally engaged. So try to avoid these types of productivity killer at your workplace as well as you can don’t do productivity mistakes ever.

Set a Clock

Productivity killerYou do three-to-four-hour spurts of escalated work and afterward, compensate me with a 30-moment to 60 minutes in length break. In the same way as other individuals, you have the terrible propensity for getting occupied by innovation amid my break (in this manner losing profitable work time). You ended up going over that designated hour commonly by playing telephone diversions or viewing Netflix. You should stick on your break and work time. Better you can use any time management tools for organizing your day to day schedule. Through that, you can easily measure your work time productivity and also identify your productivity killer.

Avoid Junk Foods

A standout amongst the most under evaluated elements that influence your productivity at the workplace is Junk foods. When you say garbage nourishment, you are discussing content that is prepared and contains counterfeit sugars. Why does this influence your productivity? Will it act like a Productivity killer?

Simulated sugar spikes your vitality, which will place you in an anxious and hyper mode with the surge of vitality. Once that passes, you come up short on vitality and experience a crash. You won’t have the capacity to center in either mode; in this way, you likewise won’t be beneficial. It will Distraction at the workplace productivity.

Work Offline

You want to “work disconnected” in Outlook for one to three hours at an opportunity to delve into an email. It’s animating to tidy up your inbox, get a pack of messages lined and make up for lost time with some different errands that frequently require a decent piece of center like content creation, recommendations, funds, and so on. Something else, it’s another diversion consistently. If you are working offline in the sense obviously you don’t receive any emails and chat. So you can avoid the Distraction at the workplace. Everyone must note this productivity tips for boost your productivity at workplace.

How To Manage Distraction At Work

“Between the Internet, cell phones and colleagues, there are such a variety of stimulants in today’s work environment, it’s anything but difficult to perceive how representatives get derailed,” Haefner, boss HR officer of Career Builder, said in an announcement.

Work environment distractions can prompt to some truly critical results. The review found that these interferences can contrarily influence nature of work, worker assurance, and the supervisor/representative connections.

Perceiving the challenges these diversions can bring about, almost 75% of bosses have made no less than one move to lighten the issue. The strategies they have established incorporate hindering certain sites, banning individual calls and cell phone utilize, founding set lunch and break times, observing email and the Internet utilize, restricting gatherings, permitting workers to work from home, and having an open-space format rather than desk areas.

One of the ideal approaches to restricting the productivity killer is for workers to take general breaks, Haefner said.

“Taking breaks from work for the duration of the day can really be useful for productivity, empowering the brain to take a break from the current task and re-invigorate you. “The trap is finding the right (work-fitting) exercises that advance, instead of exhaust vitality.”

1. Oversee Distractions To Rising Above Them

Distractions are a piece of a dynamic domain. Preparing oneself to shut out the trivial items is the distinct advantage that separates the achievers from the only gifted and talented. Teaching yourself places you in the supervisor’s seat. This fundamental channel will help you make the mental and physical environment in which you work best.

Luckily, this self-restraint is to your own best advantage for boost your productivity at workplace. What’s more, as you practice these attitudes, the remunerating results will maneuver you into a greatly improved cycle for accomplishment than the diversions of that dining lift and your pencil tapping, gum splitting office-mates.

2. Look Busy

This is not the supervisor move, despite the fact that it unquestionably can’t hurt. on the off chance that you give off an impression of being unengaged, somebody will perpetually try to draw you in the discussion, her venture or a bagel run. So cut out the slumping before your PC screen. It’s terrible for your back in any case. It is one of the best productivity tips to avoid distractions.

On the off chance that you have to go into profound thought, point it far from the entryway. Truth be told, take a gander at the inverse divider while holding an open envelope. On the off chance that Joe can’t look, he’s more averse to hinder with, “have a moment?” Now, stream with that “occupied” mode and complete things.

3. Envision Your Success

While you’re having that profound thought minute, incorporate a mental picture of how it will feel when you nail one week from now’s presentation, surpass your business objective or execute the enhanced HR arrange. Include rousing ambient sounds and group adulation, however, take note of that those productivity tips are for motivational purposes just and that your real outcomes may change.

Imagining future triumphs constantly manufactures energy. Who wouldn’t have any desire to obstacle bookkeeping and race past due dates to get to that platform? So utilize the picture for motivation and afterward concentrate on making it genuine.

4. Set Up Priority

Rate ventures as indicated by effect, exertion and due dates. Next, decrease each to a grouping of assignments and occasions. No compelling reason to include ventures to get to bookkeeping by a method for the printer, however scribbling “Complete deals reports” onto a desktop note is excessively ambiguous and gives your cerebrum reasons to turn in various inadequate bearings.

With recognized arrangements and dates, build a course of events to your victories. Be that as it may, recall this is no “one and done”. Redesign week after week or all the more regularly if necessary.

5. Keep Up a Balance

Contingent upon your scholarly gifting, it might entice to handle numerous innovative – or alternately – hierarchical undertakings in succession. It may appear to be brilliant to fight through repetitive tasks in the meantime. In any case, offer your cerebrum a reprieve.

Rotating between the repetitive and the – might we venture to state – fun parts of your employment will keep you more connected with and less inclined to get sucked into a redirection. Thus, in case you’re ready to stir up the performance work time with you are up close and personal collaborations, it will keep fatigue (and irritation) under control.