How Will Augmented Reality (Ar) Boost Your Productivity?

How Will Augmented Reality Boost Your Productivity

Augmented Reality

“An enhanced version of reality where live direct or indirect views of physical real-world environments are augmented with superimposed computer-generated images over a user’s view of the real-world, thus enhancing one’s current perception of reality.”

This article clarified How Will Augmented Reality (Ar) Boost Your Productivity? At the point when the most people consider augmented reality, they consider interactive games, educational projects, and marketing applications. In any case, there is an entirely opposite side to this innovation which even its most impassioned fans won’t know about productivity. These days Augmented reality (AR) is rapidly turning into an essential innovation in the enterprise. Here are examples:

As of late DHL furnished stockroom workers with Augmented Reality AR-empowered smartglasses that guided them through thing picking for arranging satisfaction. The outcome: fewer mistakes and a 25 percent increase in productivity.

How Augmented Reality Can Boost Your Productivity

Technological and social moves that outcome in improvements in assembling tends to increase complexity in products and procedures. Thusly, this many-sided quality builds necessities in assembling and puts included weight associations to press out wasteful aspects and lower costs where and when possible.

With technology progresses, Such as Computer vision and head-mounted show design, Augmented Reality equipment will turn out to be better, more reasonable, and appealing to the overall population.

The utilization of Augmented Reality in everyday work and life will be quickened by the interest for applications that boost your productivity. Having as of late reviewed customers on the sorts of utilization cases they would need to utilize Augmented Reality (AR) for, they found that 37% and 40% needed to utilize Augmented Reality (AR) for information representation and Productivity, separately.

Rapid Assembly

Augmented Reality (Ar) helps to boost productivity since it quantifies time taken to finish assignments by mode, both the first and second time. Augmented Reality also helped members finished tasks speedier the first run through than with different modes. So, it helps to boost your productivity level.


The coordinated effort’s the essential popular expression in the corporate world. It’s an idea that individuals cooperating are more productive. Technology helps us to work together successfully with each other. By checking geological barriers, we have without a doubt taken this joint effort to the statures of excellence.

Although the technology is improving at a rapid pace, there are still several barriers which must be overcome before we begin seeing augmented reality in factories and on job sites anytime soon. There are four key technologies which will shape the future of AR.

In spite of the fact that the technology is enhancing at a quick pace, there are as yet a few barriers which must be overcome before we start seeing increased reality in processing plants and on work destinations at any point in the near future. There are four key technologies which will shape the fate of Augmented Reality (AR).

  • Optics
  • 3D Capabilities
  • Authoring
  • Interaction

Final Thought

By and large, the examination saw a just about 90% change in first time quality between desktop and Augmented Reality modes, with AR lessening the time to assemble the wing by around 30%. Specialists additionally found that when directions are given Augmented Reality, individuals pick up a speedier comprehension and need less persuading of the rightness of tasks.

The main concern is that this investigation appears and evaluates how complex task performed interestingly can profit by Augmented Reality work guidelines. In the event that the assignment is finished with fewer errors and speedier, the effect on efficiency is exceptionally critical. In these days most of the people thinking about how will Augmented Reality (Ar) boost your productivity? But real form is the Augmented Reality (AR) helps to boost productivity could even enable retailers to boost brand awareness.

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Newton’s Laws: A Scientific Approach For Productivity


Newton’s three Laws of motion can be used as an interesting analogy for increasing our productivity at work and improving our life” – According to James Clear, the former baseball player and, currently, Habit Formation and Behavior Change Consultant.

Newton’S Laws Of Productivity

In 1687, Sir Isaac Newton distributed his historic book, which depicted the three laws of motion and reclassified the way the world took a gander physics and science. These Newton’s laws approach for productivity additionally function admirably as an intriguing similarity for increasing your productivity, streamlining your work, and enhancing your life.

Newton’s laws of movement uncover bits of knowledge that disclose to you essentially all that you have to think about how to be productive.

Questions in motion tend to remain in motion. Figure out how to begin in less than 2 minutes. It’s not just about buckling down, it’s likewise about dealing with the correct things. You have a constrained measure of power and where you apply it is important.

Your productivity is an adjust of restricting forces. In the event that you need to be more productive, you can either control through the obstructions or expel the contradicting powers. The second choice is by all accounts less stressful. What the vast majority don’t have the foggiest idea, is that you can utilize these Newton’s laws approach for productivity to help your productivity improvement as well. By these Newton’s laws of productivity, you can rearrange your life, and improve it.

Enable me to display the Newton’s Laws of Productivity.

Newton’s First Law Of Productivity

To start with Law of Motion: “An object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity unless acted upon by an external force.

From various perspectives, lingering is an essential law of the universe. It’s Newton’s first law connected to productivity. Articles very still tend to remain very still. Remember that you don’t have to complete the task. In actuality, you don’t have to work away at the essential task first. In any case, because of Newton’s first law, you’ll regularly find that once you begin the undertaking in 2-minutes you will have the capacity to finish the task on time.

Here’s the Two-Minute rule balanced for productivity, To overcome procrastination, find a way to start your task in less than two minutes.

Notice that you don’t need to complete your task. Truth be told, you don’t need to deal with the essential assignment. In any case, because of Newton’s first law, you’ll regularly find that once you begin this little two-minute task, it is significantly simpler to continue moving.

Newton’s Second Law Of Productivity

Second Law of Motion: “F=ma. The vector sum of the forces on an object is equal to the mass of that object multiplied by the acceleration vector of the object. (i.e. Force equals mass times acceleration.)”

How about we separate this equation, F=ma, and how it can apply to productivity. For our scientific approach for productivity let us infringe upon down the law into two sections. In the first place, F is for Force, a vector. Vector in maths is for both speed and greatness. At the end of the day, in the event that you need to get a question accelerating in a specific direction, at that point both the elements, the measure of the force and the force you apply on that assignment will have a significant effect. Prepare to be blown away. The Same guideline applies to everything that you do in life.

On the off chance that you need to be productive, it’s not simply about how hard you work, it’s additionally about where that work is connected it means direction. This is valid for enormous life choices and daily decisions.

Newton’s Third Law of Productivity

At last, the Third Law of Motion expresses that: ” When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body. (i.e. Equal and opposite forces.)

We as a whole have a normal speed that we have a tendency to perform at in life. Your typical levels of productivity and proficiency are frequently an adjust of the productive and useless forces throughout your life, a considerable measure of Newton’s equivalent and opposite forces.

That is the reason there are productive forces like outcomes orientation, motivation, and inspiration. Then again there are additionally unproductive forces like lack of sleep, stress, and attempting to juggle an excessive number of tasks at once. On the off chance that we just include more productive force. It’s every one of the push to build our productive force and overwhelm the unproductive force we confront. Be that as it may, on the off chance that we diminish the unproductive forces throughout our life, our productivity will float forward normally.

In this way, on the off chance that we need to be more productive, we have to expel initially the opposing forces. This scientific approach to productivity improvement can streamline your work and enhance your life.

How Important Is Work Environment For Employee Productivity?


“The Work Environment can bring out the ‘best’ in you.” – Abhishek Ratna

Most of us spend an enormous extent of our lives at work, so normally it is important that we have a good environment to work in. In this article clarified how important is work environment for employee productivity?

Importance Of Work Environment

A good working environment includes the physical geographical location as well as the immediate surroundings of the workplace, such as a construction site or office building. Typically involves other factors relating to the place of employment, such as the quality of the air, noise level, and additional perks and benefits of employment such as free childcare or unlimited coffee, or adequate parking.

Our work culture and nature have a dependable upheld train, productivity, and efficiency in the work environment, a workplace or good working environment is a modest approach to receive the accompanying rewards:

  • A good work environment can increase employee productivity and enhance learning.
  • Builds trust and improves communication.
  • Improved employer and employee relationship.
  • Enlarged job satisfaction.
  • Employee recruitment and retention.
  • Whole positive customer experience.

How Important Is Work Environment For Employee Productivity?

Numerous business people, leaders and organizations think little of the significance of a good working environment and the effect that it can have on employee productivity. Each employee needs a good environment which additionally inspires them to give out the best. A viable approach to guarantee a good working environment is to persuade representatives for a right behavioral approach. a decent conduct likewise decides great and tranquil condition. It is a place that guarantees to progress talented employees and follows through on that guarantee.

Positive Atmosphere Can Build The Employee Productivity

The key factor associated with a good work environment is its positive atmosphere. It bodes well that employees perform better when they are upbeat in their occupations and working in a positive and profitable setting. Subtle things should be possible that cost little to ensure employees are upbeat and propelled to perform. For instance, utilizing better communication systems, including sharing data and tuning in to worker criticism, enable employees to find out about their occupations and what changes are coming in the association. Managers can likewise concentrate on giving representatives more control over their work, for example, giving individuals the capacity to pick their errands and adaptability in showing how they have finished those assignments.

Team Spirit

Team spirit is the center of a collective, good work environment for employee productivity. Team spirit builds works off of solid relational communication and fortifies the business on the grounds that everybody works towards a shared objective and feels a solid feeling of having a place. A good working environment with team spirit gives prizes and acknowledgment to meriting representatives. Group collaboration effort is regular in the break room, as well as at discussions and talks too. A work environment that invites inventive, various conclusions and people cultivates development.

Training And Development

It is normal for individuals to need to feel esteemed and critical in their work environment. With innovation and business changing at such a quick pace nowadays, many individuals are concerned they will get left behind. By keeping yourself and your workers also prepared and up-to-date as possible, you can help support resolve and trust in staff individuals. A preparation and advancement centered Association has a reasonable guide for training their employees to manage and improve the employee productivity of the association overall and to be at-standard with competitors.

Hearing Music

Music won’t be reasonable for all working environments, but rather, as specified prior, its capacity to propel and stimulate staff ought not to be expelled. The Music Works explore likewise demonstrated that 60% of proprietors of little and medium estimated organizations say music in their work environment makes representatives more productive and 40% trust that it can expand deals or results for the business. It helps to increase employee productivity.

Physical Environment

The physical condition of a work environment extraordinarily influences the inspiration inside the firm. Extraordinary vitality can be made by an appealing, agreeable physical condition. This vitality eventually increases employee productivity and achievement. Windows permit regular daylight and Vitamin D into an office, which is basic to add to a good inclination. Essentially, windows enable a representative to watch out and imagine another thought, which upgrades imagination in the workplace. A perfect work environment without much mess enables employees to concentrate on their objectives. In conclusion, a work environment that is not cut off by desk areas encourages group communication and helps assemble connections between employees.

The Office Environment

Notwithstanding a sound level of communication and individual motivation in the work environment, the genuine physical format of an office is critical with regards to maximizing productivity. While numerous directors and entrepreneurs get the job done with a specific least level of office embellishments, they might be overlooking what can add up to a major deterrent on the way to increase employee productivity.

Lighting And Plants

The lighting and plants also an importance of good work environment, In winter we experience low levels of sunlight, which implies that the vitamin D in our bodies is absolute bottom. This can make us discouraged and debilitate our immune frameworks, which will clearly adversely influence the capacity to do work successfully. It is critical for office employees who are inside throughout the day to approach regular light. On the off chance that there is an absence of windows SAD lights can be utilized to make up for the lessened introduction laborers are getting to daylight. The correct lighting will make employees more quiet, positive and more inventive. It also helps to increase employee productivity.

In this article, there were two territories of interest: one is decreasing stress among employees and another one is Making more prominent productivity for the organization. Of equivalent importance is the need to consider the work environment. A glad employee will spread the word viable and be instrumental in pulling in an ability to the association. Individuals today are always searching for change and new opportunities in looking for a cheerful, fulfilled and adjusted work life. Moreover, Once you make the good work environment, keeping up becomes a lot easier.

6 Common Productivity Myths That Lower Your Productivity

6 Common Productivity Myths That Lower Your Productivity

There are many tips on the most proficient method to help one’s productivity, and a significant number of them truly work maybe not for each one. In the interim, there are various productivity myths and half-truths, which might be shielding you from completing stuff. Since as opposed to boosting your viability, they influence you to sort out your work in unnatural and unproductive ways.

One of those propensities is that you should quit accepting and sticking to a considerable measure of myths about the work environment. Here’s the reality behind six common productivity myths that lower your productivity about working savvy.

1. The Power Of Multitasking

As of not long ago, multitasking was viewed as the best productivity hack. Notwithstanding, late research uncovers that multitasking really backs us off, expanding our potential for error. However, that is not all. Multitasking was likewise found to produce significantly more worry in laborers. Multitasking is a dream. Research demonstrates that individuals accomplish progressively on the off chance that they focus on one task at any given moment. Exchanging often times between tasks or trusting that you are really accomplishing more than one thing on the double will in reality back you off.

2. Work Best Under Pressure

There are individuals who trust they flourish under the weight of an impending due date. Nine times out of ten, they don’t. They simply appreciate the reason since it implies they don’t need to assume liability for the wrecks they wind up in. This one is a common productivity myth that lower your productivity about smart work. Keeping yourself in a high-push, constantly dire mode isn’t useful for your health, and it’s bad for your business.

3. A Clean Workspace Does Wonders For Productivity

A spotless and composed space is something individuals think powers productivity. Everything boils down to singular inclinations once more. This examination demonstrated that absence of request may help a few specialists to be more proficient and innovative, supporting in their basic leadership process. To put it plainly, the association is relative and relies upon singular needs, as opposed to biased gauges of the request. Those perfectly composed work areas we find in reflexive magazines better believe it, they don’t exist, all things considered, as well as won’t make you more sorted out. It is a simple and one of the common productivity myths that lower your productivity.

4. Practice Brings About Promising Results

The reality of common myths for productivity is careful to discipline brings about promising results. Only the correct kind of practice will prompt change. As specialists have brought up, shooting bands isn’t as helpful as embarking to ace a particular shot. So reevaluate your everyday plan and inquire as to whether consistent assignments or gatherings are helping you to move the needle or meet critical benchmarks. The meetings or errands you choose to proceed ought to be reconsidered, intended to accomplish clear and small objectives.

5. Disconnecting Is Good

Disconnecting is useful for your mind, it is the common productivity myths. The Internet has changed the way we think. Today we don’t remember data, rather we swing to the web and get barraged with much more data junk. However, that won’t be as awful as it sounds. The impacts of utilizing Google on human memory and inferred that a few people just like to explore data as opposed to putting away it in their memories.

6. Have Too Much To Do

Common myths for productivity are, We’re not saying your schedule isn’t long. You’re occupied, sure. You could conceivably not be gainful. Excessively driven plans can appear to be overwhelming and set you up for disappointment. Chances are, a few things can drop off of your list or be designated away. Investigate what you’re required to do, what’s practical to complete and begin requesting help. Once your arrangement is more sensible, you’ll get yourself less inclined to dawdle.

As a person, our worlds are excessively focused, making it impossible to miss an opportunity to up our own amusement. Scattering these 6 common Productivity myths will free us to concentrate on what makes a difference, it can likewise give us a basic edge in the marketplace.

With these 6 Common Productivity Myths that Lower Your Productivity, you’ll have the capacity to abstain from losing time, applying them at your work and concentrate on what truly matters.


10 Habits Of Highly Productive People

Everybody seems to be troubled mightily to complete everything. By what method can people be productive with the workload that they have and in the time that they have access? Many people appear to be overpowered and attempting to compete personally and professionally. Do you regularly feel that way?

In this article we’re delving into the 10 Habits Of Highly Productive people that will enable you to be more productive every day:

1. Highly Productive People Don’t Do Multitask

Research has shown that multitasking altogether backs you off. You may believe you’re accomplishing all the more, yet hopping between employments really impedes your psychological preparing. The most productive people spend a few hours on a solitary errand which enables them to get into a profound condition of mental focus, creating the best possible results.

2. They Know How To Schedule Their Work

Numerous effective business chops their chance up into fifteen-minute intervals. This implies they take a shot at errands for a fourth of an hour on end or schedule meetings for just fifteen minutes. It influences every hour to appear to be four times as long, which prompts greater productivity. Highly productive people put everything on their to-do-list and afterward work and live from that to-do-list.

3. Productive People Know How To Allocate Breaks

Most of the productivity peoples know how to allocate the breaks because the Breaks are fundamental for a productive way of life. The hurt in your mind in the wake of a few monotonous hours of work ought to be your flag to take a break. Since your mind has spent its glucose, give yourself a minute to invigorate by going for a walk, snatching lunch or a snack, or simply reflecting. You’ll return energized and prepared to Boost your productivity.

4. Highly Productive People Process Email Only a Few Times a Day

Habits Of Highly Productive people don’t “check” email for the duration of the day. They don’t react to every vibration or ding to see who has barged in their inbox. Rather, such as everything else, they schedule a time to process their email rapidly and productively.

5. They Also Control Interruptions

We live in an ADD world, and it appears as though we are getting interfered with like clockwork. That makes it difficult to center and concentrate. Highly productive people save no push to control interruptions that occur face to face, by telephone by text and by email. In the event that somebody goes to their office unannounced and inquire as to whether they “have a moment” they request that they settle the score with a later time so they can wrap up. They reliably remain concentrated throughout the day on controlling interruptions to the greatest extent that they can.

6. Productive People Learn To Say ‘No’

Habits Of Highly Productive people always don’t feel ungainly about saying ‘no’. They comprehend the estimation of their own time and view it as a valuable asset. This doesn’t mean you need to be rude or dismissive, essentially clarify your circumstance, offer an option road of assistance, or enable the individual with the correct guidance so they can do it without anyone else’s help.

7. They Weed Out Non-Important Tasks

Some of the time, we put off doing genuine work for other non-essential tasks. These assignments may by one means or another look like “real” work, and in this way give us a misguided feeling of productivity. The Highly Productive people have habits of know that these things do not really represent work and know how to avoid them.

8. Productive People Use Productivity Apps

You wouldn’t turn up to a gym without the outfit, so why handle your office workload without the best tools? There are several splendid applications accessible to drastically boost your productivity. Build yourself a weapons store of innovation and get a momentary advantage over your fewer forefront rivals.

9. They Reward Themselves

Like some other muscle in your body, the mind can be prepared. Rewarding yourself for finishing work makes a positive mental cycle. You complete the process of something, get the reward, and feel more slanted to do the next task. One of most important habits of productive people is regarding themselves as they achieve turning points, and celebrating success with their group. It is one of the best motivational things of most productive people.

10. Highly Productive People Be In Tune With Body

It is one of the best habits of highly productive people because they know what they esteem in life. Your brain and body will become weary of an undertaking following an hour and a half to two hours focused on it. Remember this as you allow projects to yourself for the duration of the day, and take breaks to guarantee that you won’t get worn out.

So every morning it’s a new day, and it’s dependent upon you to oversee it so you can be highly productive. You may have aced a few of these habits as of now, however, even the most productive people are as yet human. Anyway, you can always practice these above mentioned 10 habits of productive people and lift up your productivity instantly.

A Look Into Google’s And Apple’s Employee Productivity Ideas

Web Development Challenges
Major Web Development Challenges

Employee productivity has been among the key business success factors since long ago. And today’s competition has provided it with the choices to refine itself and to evolve within. To automate is one among those revolutionary practices. Today, a lot of business organizations rely on Restyaboard like platforms to automate their productivity efforts. And I am not about to blame them for those practices though. Instead, I have this distinct view on Productivity, which is fundamentally very much simple and convenient. As to reach this particular assumption, I have done a research on few tech giant’s productivity ideas which includes Google as well as Apple. And I have come across this brief opinion. Hope this will help.

Constructive Employee Grouping

People often think Google, Apple, Amazon etc are more successful because they hire A grade employees. But this is not the case actually. Numbers will reveal the rest. Our research found out that big companies such as Google and Apple have 16% star players, while other companies have 15%. Not much difference right? Then what is the secret formula?

Google normally picks a few important roles (roles that can contribute critically towards the business growth) and fill 95% of these roles with A level employees. The remaining roles possess comparatively lesser star players.

Prefer Easy Over Hard

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg explains this different idea of choosing easy tasks over harder ones. “I think a simple rule of business is, if you do the things that are easier first, then you can actually make a lot of progress,” he was quoted as saying in the book ‘Mark Zuckerberg: 10 Lessons In Leadership’ by Michael Essany.

It seemed too odd to me at first, then I understood that this is more of a psychological approach. And of Course, I love mind games. It’s about building confidence or ease and then slowly to step onto much harder works.

Mind Organizational Drag

Ok! Let us talk in terms of numbers again. An average business loses more than 25% of its productivity due to organizational drag alone. A Research Conducted by Harvard Business Review found that organizational drag costs the economy more than $3 trillion each year in lost output.

Organization drag occurs because of several reasons. It can be due to employee behavior or even because of the organization itself, that they assign processes that consume human capital, waste time, and zap energy. Most of the time it happens unintentionally but either way, it can be costly. The best practice to minimize organization drag is to give serious attention to the same and then to implement best possible measures to prevent those from happening.

Inspiring Leaders

Productivity was never a stable entity as it leans on one’s emotions, behaviors and more. Studies have shown that an engaged employee is 44% more productive than a satisfied employee. And guess what, an inspired employee is 125% more productive than the same.

For instance, Dell Technologies recently recognized the difference between the inspired and the normal team. A sales team which is led by an inspired leader outrun the average sales team by 6%. If you consider that 6% in terms of annual revenue, it accounts for an extra $1 billion. Imagine, how much a poor leadership can cost you.

Wrapping Up

Individual performances can be beneficial but when considering the whole organizational growth collective is my logical choice over individuality. Moreover, a productive business is a collective effort rather than individual talents.


4 Take Away Productivity Lessons Every Employees Should Follow


Productivity is much more than a term or measurement, it was ever been, and ever will be a key factor which influences your business success. I often write about proven productivity standards, tips, tools and more. But, here are few simple productivity insights, which I preferred experimenting in myself to accomplish the highest peak of productivity.

Keep An Eye On Reaction Time

Productivity is highly influenced by your reaction time. Please don’t mistake this on the context on Typing speed or anything. This is different.Fortunately, in my lifetime I have met several unproductive people who don’t respond to their E mails, who lag behind their works, those who experienced almost every aspect of unproductivity. I have found One common factor in all, their reaction to trends, conflicts, new tools, a new process, new colleagues and more. People who lack pace in anything will run out of productivity.

Learn To Use A To-do List

A lot of us believe that we can simply remember things that we want to follow each day. But it’s merely impossible, I would say. We constantly will forget things, which in turn will stress us out. The practice to follow is to create a task list. And keep in mind that you don’t have to stuff a lot of tasks into the list. It’s fine to choose one or two prior tasks along with 4-5 minor tasks each day.

And guess, this is not over yet. You will need to invest your time in finding the right pattern or system to work on. It’s all about the flow, the balance and all. And it changes from the person to person. I usually prefer simple task management tools like Restyaboard to support my efforts. Anyhow, it’s all up to you, It all possible with you.

Know Your Unproductive Hours

So, you may probably be too lazy to recognize your unproductive hours. This is the most disastrous thing you can do to yourself. I have heard many people quoting on finding your productive hours. But, the first step is to know yourself, to know the lazy in you. Then you can better yourself by planning things accordingly. If you want to be more effective, You should really need to find out your unproductive hours and you should subtract those from the actual working hours.

Look For A Wider Perspective

You should see things from a much broader angle. I am saying this in the context of our Communication with our fellow colleagues. There is this common trait in everyone, people talk about things that they care about. So, what’s wrong in that? Well, the problem is, this definitely will never help your productivity. You should never limit your ideas either narrow yourself by any means. You should communicate in a such a broad manner with a clear long sight.

Productivity today deserve such importance that it possesses great power, which can either help you grow or let you die. Keep an eye on your productivity principles, do not be afraid to implement new Productivity strategies as the situation demands. Remember, Without change, there will not be any growth.


6 Common Reasons For Productivity Loss

Reasons For Productivity loss

Nowadays most of the companies facing this biggest issue “Productivity Loss”. The Low productivity for a business is not just a personal issue, it likewise has financial consequences. The impacts of productivity loss can rapidly harm an organization’s incomes and make it harder to pay bills and maintain development. Distinguishing the reason for low efficiency requires an exhaustive examination of the sustainable growth and employee morale levels.

Here are some common reasons for productivity loss and why you may not be as productive as you should be.

Low Employee Competence

Employees without adequate education or training to legitimately entire tasks while at work can bring down a business productivity. Better trained employees may need to compensate for the unfit worker’s mistakes or monitor these workers all the more intently to keep different errors from happening. This results in a further decrease in productivity as not exclusively are the unfit workers creating at a low rate, the better-trained employees are now producing all the more slowly. Committing time to an additional inside and out training of employees can help enhance organizational productivity.

Low Employee Morale

Employees with low morale tend to work slower and fulfill not as much as employees who are more joyful while at work. This can bring about a slip in productivity as workers with low confidence or unwilling to keep up the pace in the frequently competitive business environment. There isn’t one technique for motivating employees to stem a drop in productivity. This can include the utilization of a few motivator programs, including rewards and incidental advantages. Essentially listening to employee contribution on business choices can build morale because employees feel more required with the organization’s operations.

Employee Personal Problems

Workers who are having a lot of personal issues that time happening the low productivity because they are not a experiencing similar problems. Specifically, stress and weakness this both are the common reasons for productivity loss. Companies can provide counseling on-site to enable decline to push levels and help workers to deal with other personal issues that are hindering productivity. The another solution the company can encourage employees to take wiped out time when expected to help avoid getting a more genuine disease or coming into the workplace and getting others wiped out.

Poor Communication

Setting up good communication habits is vital as with poor communication because it prompts false impressions and conflicts that fundamentally influence the employee’s productivity. The two-path communication between superiors and workers enable them to work in a more easy coordinated effort. It is one of the common reason for productivity loss.

Poor Management

Inadequate management is also one of the common reason for productivity loss. It practices diminishing an organization’s productivity in a few ways. The general methodology for such a company contains wasteful aspects on the grounds that the manager doesn’t see and find a way to actualize the most beneficial approaches to finish assignments. Individual employees flounder under poor administration. They don’t have the opportunity and training to achieve their maximum capacity; so they don’t compete as much as they could. Workers who don’t feel like their directors perceive their efforts regularly don’t make a hard to perform to their full limit.


Superiors who hand out conflicting requests impede employee’s concentration when executing their present assignments and conceivably increase their anxiety levels prompting to unfavorable performance. Employees will feel undervalued for their exertion and demotivate them.

Irregularity is one of the reasons for productivity loss, at the best downstream effects each department, and thus on the customer. Work to:

  • Set a reasonable vision and objectives for the organization and each work group.
  • Screen and measure KPIs for all positions.
  • Be straightforward and impact the organization and group goals at normal meetings.

Above we are provided 6 common reasons for productivity loss, If such issues are occurring in your organization, at that point the time has come to convey it up to the management and revise and improvise current strategies keeping in mind the end goal to make a  better work environment to help the employees.




5 Proven Strategies To Measure Your Employee’s Productivity

tips fromsuccessfulpeople

We live in a world of innovation, the world that compromises on nothing but newness in ideas. Almost 90% of all business firms follow some kind of employee productivity measuring techniques. But the question is, Are you getting any optimistic results in terms of profit from these?  If the answer is no, then you have to re-assess your methods.

There are few things you have to consider when choosing the methods to measure productivity. In fact, these are few questions you have to ask yourself.

How Big Are Your Expectations?

An accurate productivity can mean more than just counting products made or sold, or services performed. When you about to work any project, you should have a clear expectation the whole process. You have to let your employee know that how much effort you expect from him. And when you measure your employee’s productivity, you have to discuss the findings with him. It may help him to reassess himself.

What Are Your Business Goals?

There is no doubt that you have a business goal. But do your employee know this? Whether it is about increasing the profits, efficiency, new customers or anything, you want to give your employees a clear cut idea on your short term as well long term business goals. Studies have shown that employees who are able to see a direct connection between their productivity and company goals are far happier-and therefore more productive-than those who don’t see how their work affects company goals.

What Are Your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?

Before you can choose the most accurate productivity measurement methods, you need to see what really drives your business. You need to be clear about your KPIs. These are your drivers-the profit-making, reputation-making parts of your organization.

Now, let’s move on to some proven Employee productivity measurement methods.

Management By Objectives (MBO) Model

This is a very well known method and the idea is to measure your employee’s productivity in ways that reveal how well an employee’s output is contributing to your company’s goals and targets. For this, the employee must be given clear and precise individual productivity goals to work forward along with the right tools and resources for the same.

Also, if your plan is to improve your profit by 25% next year, you’ll need to decide what kind of training and incentives you’ll use to ensure that the employees are ready to help you achieve that goal.

  Quantitative Productivity Measurement

Measuring Productivity Quantitatively means calculating an employee’s productivity by the number of parts or products he/she produces in a particular period of time, such as per hour, day or month. This is said to be very efficient for small business but according to me, this can be very effective for large businesses too.

This can easily be calculated using any productivity tools or task management tools like Restya Board. Output can be calculated by the volume of product produced or by the financial value of the product/service.

Measuring  Service Productivity

To measure the productivity of a service is somewhat challenging. Some business firms calculate it by counting the number of finished tasks in a given time frame. Other businesses measure it in terms of service delivery, customer feedback, or by individual and department self-evaluations.

Whatever set of criteria you choose, your prior step is to create a baseline by considering your company’s best service level under conditions and measure the productivity against that.

Spot The Areas Of Redundancy And Track Individually

The challenge in this method is to find out the unproductive area of your employee, the areas of redundancy that are supposed to be eliminated in order to improve the productivity. By removing all the unnecessary tasks or anything, the employee will be able to concentrate more on priority tasks and ultimately it will result in better productivity. This included tracking too. As you find the issues, you have to track your employee’s individually to find out who is performing better and who is not. You can setup a spreadsheet to log their output daily, looking for high achievers, under-performers, and patterns among both groups.

 Measuring Productivity In Terms Of Profit

Profit can be used as an effective tool to measure the productivity. The process is nothing but measuring the bottom line. It doesn’t involve tracking individual employee movements but only higher level functions are considered.

This method ensures that productivity measurements don’t keep employees from working creatively or take a great deal of management’s time. The idea is simple, “Watch the money and everything will fall in line.”

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Productivity Principles that will Change the Face Of Your Business


People are getting so bored on the word productivity as they have access to tons of Productivity tips and ideas these days. I found a lot of contradictory productivity principles and ideas in Internet recently. So I decided to filter some valuable ones. Let’s get straight into the business then,

Set Your Goals, Plan Accordingly

This may be the most basic concept of productivity. And this is one among the most confused word too. I saw people sweating over their goals, to-dos, task lists and all. This is the mistake in fact. The purpose of Goals is not to stress you out. You need to set your goals because it has the power to motivate you, it gives you a picture of destiny, it helps you get going. Moreover, it is so important that it bridges the present with the future.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live

People often think, in digital economy knowledge workers use their brain not their body. It is funny that they forgot , brain constitutes a part of our body. Even I have seen people (techies mostly) who care less about their physical health. Well, to survive you need to take care of your body.  This is simple, no body, no life, no success. The good news is that you don’t have to exhaust yourself to get that promotion. Realizing the importance of your physical health is critical for success.

Pareto Principle


This is pretty basic and this is much familiar as 80/20 rule. It states that 80% of effects come from 20% of causes or 80% of results come from 20% of work. Let’s make this crystal clear. Think about, In your business, work or whatever, where do the results come from?

Asking this question to yourself will help you find out the area where you want to invest your time. The essence of this rule is simple, you don’t need to be perfect, you have to find out what matters the most.

Exploit The Eisenhower Method

The “Eisenhower Method” derived from a quote by Dwight D. Eisenhower: “I have two kinds of problems, the urgent and the important. The urgent are not important, and the important are never urgent.”

The ides is simple. Separate everything you want to do into 4 categories,

  • Urgent and important (do these immediately).
  • Important, but not urgent (create a plan to do these).
  • Urgent, but not important (automate or assign anyone to do this).
  • Neither urgent nor important (eliminate these).

Find Your Flow

This is the most important factor according to me. It doesn’t matter what you are up-to, you have to discover your flow. This is more like knowing ourselves. You need to find out your peak hours of productivity and schedule your most important tasks for then. Work on minor tasks at your non- peak times. Follow these for productivity growth.

One More Thing

You will find a few known productivity principles around here but what really matters is your desire towards what you do or How much you need it?. Productivity can be explained through principles and concepts but it lives within yourself.
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